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What Did We Do With Your Past Donations?

EKG Machine – Purchased in 2021

Dental Program – Started in 2022, HHMO provided financial assistance for dental care to 32 community members. We appreciate the assistance of SmileCentralia Dental Clinic, Olympic Dental Clinic and Andrew Cole, DDS without whom this would not have been such a success.


Let’s do the math…

In 2022: HHMO served 221 unique clients during 463 clinic visits. Each clinic visit is valued at $375. The estimated value for each volunteer hour is $28.54. It takes 12-20 volunteers each week to man the clinic. Our 65 volunteers logged nearly 3500 hours. Making the total value (I will do the math for you, whew!!!) of one

year’s work a whopping $277,611.

WOW!!! Donors like you make all this possible. Thank You!


What Will We Do With Your 2023 Donations?

While we continue to provide exams, labs, xrays and medications, we are hoping to provide more assistance with much needed dental care. YOU can provide the means to make this happen.

Donation Methods

Mail it in…

Please make all checks out to: “Health and Hope Medical Outreach” 
Send to: HHMO, PO Box 986, Centralia, WA 98531

Donate via Walmart dot com
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HEALTH AND HOPE MEDICAL OUTREACH is set up to receive Round Up donations on Every time you make an order with Walmart, Round up and Health and Hope will receive a portion of those pennies. Every penny helps. Thanks!